Whether it comes to emergency brakes, tension brakes, water-cooled brakes, mini brakes or disc brakes, AVD has extensive experience in applying brakes. Stand-alone or co-operative functioning, including manufacturing of the necessary parts to complement your application. Naturally AVD offers on-site service for your application. In addition we have a large range of shoe brakes in e.g. fail-safe, explosion-proof or self-adjusting versions. The shoe brakes can be, either positive or negative, operated by means of hydraulic, pneumatic or electric thrusters. Also a spring applied brake is an option. For other types of operation, we are more than happy to offer you our advice. Under stated you will find a selection of our product range.




Safety Brakes -Electro Hydraulics
For pulleys from 150 to 170 Nm


Hydraulic safety brakes
Clamping force
from 10,000 to 750,000 Nm











Electromagnetic safety disc brakes

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