Clutch couplings

Our clutches are often used after (combustion)engines . Usually it is desirable/required that the application will start up unloaded, instead off stopping the entire drive system and re-start again. Often AVD Holland applies clutches in combination with an elastic coupling, allowing to compensate misalignment or to damp vibrations. The clutch coupling combination will be designed to meet your requirements and specifications to create an optimally functioning drive train.
In addition to our clutch combinations, AVD is specialized in the pneumatic actuation. Our control units ensure full control over the start-up cycle, also the system can detect sudden overload. One of the most innovative developments in our control and monitoring units is that the heat input during startup, run and/or slippage is monitored and fed back to the control panel. therefore overload will be detected in an early stage and preventive action can be taken.
Also we can provide in: hand, hydraulic or electrically actuated clutches. In addition you will find a selection of our standard range at right site of the page. For more information about application, custom models and combinations , please feel free to contact AVD

Pneumatic clutch
100 to 1000 nm
Electromagnetic disk clutch, pneumatic, manuals

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